Warship Functionalities

The foundation of the NaviNet 3000 WECDIS is the state-of-the-art NaviNet 3000 ECDIS meeting, the latest IMO Performance standards as of 2009 and type approved according to the European MED directive. The WECDIS has been developed in steps over several years where new functionalities have been frequently added. Our policy is to make available to all our naval customers the experience that we have gained. The latest addition is the development of WAIS Stanag 4668/4669 functionality which in very many ways is a revolution seen in relation to the WECDIS with its Stanag 4564 functionalities and the way these two systems can be combined for tactical and surveillance purposes. In addition to the mentioned functions, functionality for optional inclusion of a database with ship related meta data and pictures is included.

In general the WAIS exceeds IMO requirements by facilitating tactical modes, encrypted transmission of data, exchange of target information between ships in a group including blue force tracking, relaying of targets via airborne units e.g. helicopters. If shore based infrastructure exist information can also be shared between command centers ashore and operative units.

Features may include:

  • WAIS functionality in WECDIS, including control and monitoring of the WAIS transponder through easy operator friendly interactive menus available on all IBS multi function workstations installed on board the ship.
  • Interactive combination of WAIS data in the WECDIS to quickly get ship data and pictures out of world wide ship database for information and surveillance purposes.
  • Tactical objects functionality (Stanag 2525B) for display on the WECDIS.
  • AML for presentation of military layers of information.
  • Tactical areas created in WECDIS and/or CMS with exchange of data between the two systems.
  • Route data created in WECDIS and/or CMS with exchange between the systems.
  • Display and manipulation of radar, AIS, sonar (subsea targets) and CMS targets including correlation of targets.
  • Missile data and graphics e.g. safety zones, launcher status and dynamic missile data.
  • Gun status data and weapon arcs. (Indication of coverage area for short range gun indicated relative to the ship on the WECDIS display).
  • Intercept point, for estimation of where, when and how own Ship can intercept a target, including intercept course to auto pilot.
  • Semi Automatic Positioning for calculation of own ship’s position based on reference points originating from external systems or positions from the chart.
  • Radar overlay functionality for over/underlay of radar video displayed on the WECDIS chart.
  • CCTV Video display functionality for selection and presentation of video from electro optical and CCTV sources in the WECDIS.
  • Emission Control for tactical control of electronic emission.
  • Mission recorder functionality for storage of basic navigation parameters and audio from microphones.