L-3 Marine Systems Korea, a subsidiary of SAM Electronics, has received its first order for the new Navigation Automation Control Systems (NACOS) Platinum vessel control system.

NACOS c5consolesThe company will supply ten units for a series of 45,000 dwt chemical carriers under construction by SLS Shipbuilding of South Korea for United Arab Chemical Carriers (UACC) of Dubai. The vessels are scheduled for delivery to UACC throughout 2011 and 2012.

NACOS Platinum is an integrated vessel control system that integrates the funcationality of two Radarpilots, two Ecdispilots, a Conningpilot, a Platinum Monitoring and Control System (MCS), as well as a Platinum Propulsion Control System (PCS). Ancillary equipment includes a range of navigational sensor and external communications systems.

Jointly developed by SAM Electronics, Lyngsø Marine of Denmark and L-3 Valmarine of Norway, this features a combination of true networked architecture supporting the complete portfolio of navigation and automation systems and use of modular components, ensuring unprecedented levels of usability and scalability.

The NACOS Platinum Series features system-wide adoption of standardised hardware and software components, providing improved quality and reliability of operation, while simplifying ship management and maintenance procedures. The ergonomically-designed Platinum range is available in a variety of formats extending from small alarm-type units or stand-alone ECDIS to medium-size and larger configurations for more complex operation aboard ships of all types and sizes. - This Platinum system was demonstrated by SAM Electronics in public for the first time at the November 2009 Europort exhibition in Rotterdam.