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Take full advantage of your system

TrainingTo enable the operators and maintenance personnel to take the full advantage of all automation and navigation system properties we recommend our training programs. The program spans from basic system knowledge and operation to advanced operation and maintenance. Training can also be tailor made according particular needs.

We provide common training course in our location. This give ship owners the possibility to send only one or a few employers for training at the same time.

The training include two days of operator training and two days with maintenance/technical training (TR-1). Operators can decide to only participate the operator training (TR-2). The course will have a maximum of 10 participant and a minimum of three.

Our training center is located in Drammen, Norway and offer well suited facilities.

Separate training for one ship owner can also be arranged in Drammen, onboard vessel or in customer's on-shore office on request.


Available courses 2017

TR-2, IAS Valmatic Operator Training

  • 6. - 7. June 2017 (registration deadline 01.05.2017)
  • 28. - 29. August 2017 (registration deadline 01.08.2017)

TR-1, IAS Valmatic Basic Training

  • 6. - 9. June 2017 (registration deadline 01.05.2017)
  • 28. - 31. August 2017 (registration deadline 01.08.2017)

TR-2, IAS Damatic Operator Training

  • 12. - 13. June 2017 (registration deadline 01.05.2017)
  • 04. - 05. September (registration deadline 01.08.2017)

TR-1, IAS Damatic Basic Training

  • 12. - 15. June 2017 (registration deadline 01.05.2017)
  • 04. - 07. September (registration deadline 01.08.2017)

TR-9 IBS Operator Training

  • On request


Other Available courses to order

  • TR-1, IAS Basic Training
  • TR-2, IAS Operator Training
  • TR-3, IAS Maintenance & Fault finding
  • TR-4, IAS Onboard Training
  • TR-5, IAS Application Training
  • TR-6, IAS Add-on System features
  • TR-7, IAS Advanced Maintenance Training
  • TR-8, IAS "Damatic Classic" Training
  • TR-9, IBS Operator Training
  • TR-10, IBS Technical Maintenance Training



For general enquiries regarding our training please contact us as follows:

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +47 32 21 81 00

Training schedule TR-1 IAS Basic Training

Training schedule TR-2 IAS Operator Training (Only day 1 and 2)

Day 1:

  • Introduction

Wärtsilä Valmarine.
IAS System
Description of abbreviations and terms
Trip around in the factory test area.

  • System Structure/Layout

Communication Buses

  • Operation

Layout of HMI
Basic Operation
Measurement, alarms and signal faults.
General/daily operation of valves, pumps, motors & fans and controllers.
General description of Generators and Power Management System

Day 2:

  • Operation

Alarm List
Data recording
Extension Alarm System
Dead Man System

  • System Stations

Control Room Station,
Process Control Station

Day 3:

  • Practical Demonstration
  • Hardware IO.

Different cards
Terminal board and instrument lists.

  • Power Supplies

Day 4:

  • Troubleshooting System

System Diagnostic alarms
System Manual

  • System Maintenance / Restore Kit